Satan Invented the “Perfect Christian.” Heres What a Real One Looks Like

I’m not perfect.

But I love Jesus.

I make mistakes. Big ones.

But I love Jesus.

I fall down. I get back up. I love Jesus.

I have a colored past.

But I love Jesus.

I’ve done horrible things. Unmentionable things, before.

But I love Jesus.

I don’t always feel like I deserve to be forgiven, but I am.

I love Jesus.

People who don’t know me will draw their own conclusions. That’s fine.

I still love Jesus.

You can’t break me.

I love Jesus.

I’ll come out stronger. His word says so.

I. Love. Jesus.

I’m the least of these.

Jesus still loves me.

I cry. I get hurt. I get anxious, worried, and fearful sometimes.

But I love Jesus.

My faith wavers. I doubt.

Then I love Jesus.

I don’t always have a smile.

I have regret.

I make poor decisions.

I try, but I don’t always succeed. Go figure.

But I love Jesus.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Such a cliché. Yet so true.

Some people say, “God must think I can handle a lot!”

I’ve thought that, but it isn’t true. I can’t handle a thing!

But I love Jesus.

And He can.

can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. And oh boy, do I need it.

I am weak.

He is strong.

I fall.

He picks me up.

You can’t break me. Or maybe you can.

It’s ok though. I love Jesus.

He fixes my broken places.

I’m not perfect. Never have been. Never claim to be.

But I love Jesus.

And hopefully that shows.

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