Groom Leaves Bride at Altar & Runs Out of ChurchThen She Sees What He Recorded Before the Wedding

Stuart and his brother Robert LOVED playing pranks on each other growing up—and as adults, the fun still hasn’t worn off. In fact, Stuart’s quirky, humorous personality is precisely what made his wife Vicky fall for him in the first place.

But little did she know, his prankster antics would find their way into their wedding day.

The sneaky father-of-five even got the priest at St. John the Baptist Church in the U.K. to go along with his genius ploy. When it came time to exchange rings, Stuart pretended like he left them at home. Within about 30 seconds, the panicked “forgetful” groom left his bride and best man, Robert, standing speechless at the altar as he bolted out of the church.

But when the two turned their eyes to the video that started rolling the moment the groom made his grand exit, they caught wind of what was REALLY up this ultimate prankster’s sleeve!

Complete with tractors, unicycles, pogo sticks, and the playful assault of unsuspecting bystanders, Stuart’s pre-recorded wedding adventure quickly became a viral sensation. Check out the video below to see how the rest of this “wedding to remember” unfolds…

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